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Good/Bad Layout

The itunes homepage is an example of good web page layout, although it has many items on its homepage it still looks well organised and appealing to users. There is a lot of repitition with the boxes and tables on the page however every box has a different item inside of it. The placement of each subject is in its right place and is bigger or smaller depending on the emphasis they want to put on the subject, such as the newest additions in the top left of the page, the images they are displaing are the newest things and they showcase the fact that it is a big deal by putting a big image for emphasis. is an example of a bad page layout in my opinion, well first off because it has no initial indication of the purpose of the website, i have no idea what i am really going to do on this website( its a music sharing website mainly) The top images and logo look like clipart right out of microsoft word, and i still have no idea what the purpose of the website is. Then there comes the main image on the homepage, its Miranda Cosgrove? If i were just stumbling on this website i would be so confused, especially since the image has nothing really to do with music sharing. There is no style or format to this page, its lacking in tables or organization and it doesn’t bring visitors in.

10 art events

Art Event #1-Art splash 2011: September 24, 2011.  The Carlsbad art splash event is one of my favorite local art events that i usually go to every year. The main type of art that is showcased here is chalk art. I will always remember the many different ways people used chalk to create their pieces either original or a remake of a famous piece. From young to old many different artists show off their talents as chalk artists and that is one of my favorite things to observe. There wasnt anything really specific that would really influence my work, i guess i really liked looking at the way that artist would blend their colors to make their pieces more realistic.  There was something that made me change the way i look at clothing! Many people donated shirts and other pieces of clothing and out of that a bunch of artists made a mosaic of alice in wonderland out of that clothing, it was a really new original way to use cloth as a medium for art, i thought it was really interesting. Nothing i observed from Art Splash really sucked, i thought that all the artists out there really gave a lot of effort to their chalk art, they wanted to display it loud and proud. I learned that you can use really any medium, cans, rocks,chalk, shirts! as a way of creating an art piece, you just have to know exactly how to use it. Like i said i really had a lot of respect for all the artists young and old being out there to display their work.

Art Event #2-Oceanside art museum: Everett Peck exhibit (October 20, 2011) Peck is an artist that has a very unique style of art. From the gallery I came away with another new perspective on fine art. Although I would consider his pieces more of cartoonist mixed with surrealist type of style. There is nothing specific that could really influence my work that I observed because I don’t really like the style enough to inspire my work. I found many paintings with a lot to do with problems in our society today such as war, I could see he bases some of his pieces off of that, he displays in in a very erratic way, with many colors and a lot of things going on in the paintings to make you get a feeling of chaos in the world. I didn’t really find any flaws in the event that would make me dislike it less, as I said its not my favorite event because it isn’t the style of art that I really look for. I learned that you can really display a lot of craziness in a painting by using a lot of lines, characters, elements and color to get the feeling of chaos in a painting. I have a very great respect for the artist because he seems to have a very unique style to himself that I haven’t seen at all.
Art Event #3- Magic Circle Garden (November 6, 2011): Niki de Saint Phalle’s Queen Califia’s Magic Circle Garden is located in Kit Carson Park in Escondido, it is a really interesting form of sculpture. I will always remember the different uses of vibrant color and material used to make these huge sculptures. One thing that could really affect my work is the abstract style that the sculptures use, its very unique and to be able to observe it in a 3D manner it defiantly gives you a better understanding on how it all looks. I don’t think I really found anything that would change the way I feel, I have a greater respect of the park because it has such a magnificent sculpture for the public to view, many people don’t even know it is pretty famous, which is really interesting. I noticed that there were a lot of flaws in the sculptures, however it is just from mother nature wearing it out and people who walk around touching different parts of the sculptures breaking little pieces, that wasn’t the artists fault though. I didn’t really learn anything significant, just that you can use different rocks, glass, and pebbles to make a marvelous sculpture. I really do have a great respect for this artist making these huge sculptures with such great detail.
Art Event #4-Oceanside art museum William Glen Crooks exhibit (December 11, 2011) This was probably one of my favorite painting exhibits I have been to. I came away with a lot by viewing the paintings, such as how to really blend oil paints to make it more realistic, and the use of different colors to make a sunset really illuminate. This whole exhibit can really have an affect on my work (as a fine artist) because I love oil and they are just so hard to work with sometimes but viewing this exhibit made me see how oil can really be used to create a beautiful painting, I’m really inspired from it. I saw no flaw in this exhibit other that I wanted it to be bigger so I could see more pieces! Like I said before I learned the different ways you can use oils to really make a painting amazing. Crooks is a local artist self taught and I found that amazing and very inspiring, I really have a respect for him.
Art Event #5-Carlsbad High winter art show (November 17, 2011) I went to my old high schools winter art show because an student I knew wanted me to see her work and I thought it would be a perfect art event! The art show has many different things, Paintings, photography, sculpture etc. I will really remember seeing all the names of the artists (because they were freshman when I was a senior) and being amazed on how much they had grown from their previous work years back. There wasn’t anything there that really wowed me however I really enjoyed looking at all the different medias that everyone worked really hard on. The event was really small and not as large as their spring art show that was a bummer for me, I also really wanted to see a lot more effort in some of the paintings because it doesn’t seem like here was as much as there should have been, but it high school so I guess I cant really complain. I didn’t learn anything about the disciplines used in the different pieces made because I already learned them all in the same art classes they were taking. I have a lot of respect for those who put in effort to make their paintings and such really amazing, for the others that were just okay I didn’t really feel respect for them.

Art Event #6-San Diego Symphony (December 2, 2011) I went to the Copley Symphony hall with a friend for her music class and decided to use it as one of my art events. I was actually quite surprised because one thing I will remember is me dreading listening to classical music it in the beginning and at the end of it I actually realized I enjoys the performance. Nothing in the symphony I would say could directly affect my work because I don’t listen to classical music feel inspired I just enjoyed it. Something that really made me change the way I looked at classical music: it tells a story, and I never really noticed that because I only hear parts of it, however in the symphony there was an actual story being told and behind the musicians there was a board telling the story in words so that we could picture it in our heads with the music playing. In my opinion there really was no flaw in the event, there were different performances so it always kept it really interesting. I learned that I really shouldn’t judge a music event next time because I could turn out to really enjoy it in the end. I have a really great respect for all those people putting in a lot of effort to make the sound of the different instruments flow so well together.

Art Event #7-Wounded Hearts: A Journey Through Grief (December 14, 2011) Colleen Moss (who was my psychology teacher last semester) did an exhibit of paintings telling a story of her struggle of losing her husband and how she got though it all . I will remember every emotion that was felt while going through the exhibit, happiness sadness, peace, love all of it was a storybook and you could really catch a glimpse of how she was feeling through every chapter of her loss. The use of emotion in her paintings is really strong and I could even use that as a reminder to use my emotions and feelings to inspire my paintings at rough times. I discovered that professor moss really had a hard time losing her husband and I could feel what she felt and how she came though it all. I wouldn’t criticizes anything in this event because it is such a strong personal story that was very touching. I learned that my old professor really is a strong woman and a wonderful painter she is very inspiring and I have a deeper respect for her after viewing her story.

Art Event #8-CSUSM art Exhibit (December 12, 2011) The art exhibit that was displayed in Arts hall this month featured different medias of art. It was a very small exhibit but I enjoyed viewing it.  All the works that I saw were very inspiring, such as a graphic design vector portrait I saw by a kid named Donavon, it helped me try and get ideas for mine. There were a couple photographs that were really interesting and had to do with females and their bodies, the representation in the photograph displayed how women feel subject to perfection. The only flaw that I saw was that it was a very small art event. I learned that there is endless amounts of mixed media you can use together and I saw that in this art show, sticky notes and clockwork for example, this student made  a clock out of sticky notes with messages and drawings on them I though that was very cool. I enjoyed looking at the works that my fellow students work so hard on all semester and I really give them props for that.

Art Event #9-Oceanside Art Gallery/Studio (December 14, 2011) The Oceanside art gallery displays paintings and sculptures of different local artists in oceanside. I will remember seeing the different styles of art that people like to do such as realism and still life, but in different styles. I didn’t discover anything that really changed my perspective it was a lot of landscapes and  portraits. The flaws I saw was the expression of the artists wasn’t really there, they were just paintings of nature, and that is beautiful, however now really interesting in my opinion. I didn’t learn anything that I didn’t know before it was very basic sets of paintings in this gallery. I always have a respect for artists because they are displaying a skill however I really didn’t enjoy a lot of the landscape paintings I saw, I’m just not really impressed by them.

Art Event #10-Art League Gallery (December 14, 2011) The art league gallery displays different paintings from different local artists much like the Oceanside art gallery.  I remember seeing a very colorful spectrum of paintings and they were ally very beautiful in my opinion. There were many still life photos and paintings but they didn’t really catch my emotions  or anything. I saw that there was a lot of water colors used as mediums and that would have been very useful to my work had I been mainly a water color painter, however I prefer oils and acrylics. Much like the last art event it was lacking in expression. I was very unamused by this gallery much like the Oceanside one because of the same reasons, it just kind of bored me. I have respect for the artists however I just wish I could see more expressive work instead of still life

Project 5: Fruit Crate Label

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Project 4: Gig Poster

i decided to do a deadmau5 (deadmouse) poster because i thought it would be a fun poster for me to do. deadmau5 is a electro, house genere. i feel like i need to add more to this however here is what i have so far


Project 3: Personal Logo

below is my personal logo updated with the grid


Elefonts/Type Effects Practice

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